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Welcome to my Puerto Rico El Yunque photo exhibit.


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Notes from all over.

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 18:09:06 -0500

What wonderful pictures! My fiancee, Don and I (Jan Coyne), were visiting Puerto Rico a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the rain forest so much. We were visiting Don's brother at his son's house and didn't get enough time to see some of the sights we are reading about on websites I have found since returning home.
The Phillip's cabins sound great.
I can't wait to go back to Puerto Rico. I love everything I experiences there. Old San Juan, El Yunque, Ponce, Aricebo and the beaches. Just riding through the countryside was something I will never forget. I love the people, so friendly and everyone smiles. If I lived there, I guess, I would smile, too.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Best wishes to you, Jan Coyne, Wyandotte, Michigan

Subject: El Yunque photographs
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 00:55:22 -0800

Your El Yunque photographs are breathtaking. Your site was thoroughly enjoyable. I have been to Puerto Rico many times and your photos capture the essences & remain unique.
My family has a beach house in Luquillo, thus I have spent much time on the northeast corner of the island.  My uncle always took me off the beaten path exploring the jungles of El Yunque. As a child, these escapades had a great impression on me. The liveliness of jungle and the beauty always gave me solace.
Have you been anywhere else on the Island? Last summer, I spent time on the southwest corner, the La Parguara area.  The experience was very memorable. The area features a bio-luminance bay and mangrove forest reserve.  Our family would spent the days at the nearby cayos, mangrove islands, where relaxing and enjoyment where the norm. As you may know, the mangrove islands forms a unique eco-system for marine breeding.  One day I saw a baby octopus chasing a small lobster.
I took many digital photographs on this trip.  Some were rather impressive while other were NOT.  Digital photography was a new realm for me. Thus my photography was trial and error.  My favorite scenes unfortunately were not captured cloudy like a small crab that ate from the hanging bird feeder.
Let me know if you post anymore photograph with Puerto Rican themes.  Currently, I am writing a story about revolving around the island and people.  Your photographs stir inspiration in me when I encounter a writing block.  I would love to see more especially anything revolving around the tropical vegetation and fauna.
Ferdie Torres

I'm a 14 year old that has a project on Puerto Rico do soon so I went to my search engine to find stuff about it. 
And 'im very impressed. You've got everything I need!!! I'm Puerto Rican and I have one thing to suggest...... 
you should have a picture of our flag. Well, that's all I have to say.
I added one just for you--thanks, Rex

I am visiting Puerto Rico next month and I am anxious to spend a whole
day hiking in the rain forest.  I really would prefer to have a guide and
not take the guided tour given to most tourists.  I was wondering what you
might recommend and if you knew of any rates.  I am really looking to escape
from tourists.  Any information you can pass along is appreciated.

Thank you,
Lisa Logan
I directed Lisa to my friends at Robin's rentals and Casa Cubuy. And for Vieques and trips around the Puerto Rico to

                                                                                                                            JACKIE MANION

Dear Mr. Cauldwell,
  My name is Cheryl and I am making a powerpoint presentation for my
high school Spanish2 project on Puerto Rico. I stumbled upon your site and I
would like very much to use your pictures in my presentation. I was not
sure if it would be alright for me to use them in my project since they are
your pictures and you requested that I ask permission.  I  hope you will
allow me to use your pictures since I doubt I will find any as good as yours
elsewhere. Thank You for your time,

Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 16:13:03 EST
Subject: Coqui's and Anoles

I absolutely love your pictures of Frogs and Lizards.  You are a perfect photographer!


My sons saw a cartoon with a character that was supposed to be a coqui.  
Since we are going to Puerto Rico in July, my sons were excited to 
about them.  So I decided to look for some pictures on the Internet.  I 
across your site and I can't tell how excited I got looking thru your 
pictures.  Your pictures are beautiful.  I just hope I get see some of 
beautiful places Puerto Rico has.  (Like the ones in your pictures.)  
It has 
been 18 years since I have last been to PR and have seen some of my 
(so I'm very excited).  Sorry to ramble on so much, I just wanted to 
let you 
know how much I enjoyed your beautiful pictures.


thanx so much for ur excellent pictures!!!!! A/S/L?

Your photos are wonderful and worth the wait while they download.  I am on my
way to Puerto Rico in 2 days and enjoyed the preview.  Thanks for posting

Subject: Coqui Photos
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 07:12:07 -0400

Dear Mr. Cauldwell,

I am requesting permission to use some of your El Yunque photos for a
graduate school multimedia presentation that I am doing on El Yunque.

I am a graduate student in the Lesley University Online Master's in
Technology Education Program. This presentation is for a course 
"Teaching and Learning with Multimedia". 

Thank you.

Juanita Benjamin

Good Morning:
This is Isabel I was just in you page and those pictures are breath 
Buenos Dias
Esta es Isabel y estuve en tu pagina y esas fotografias son preciosas.
Yo hace como mucho tiempo que sali de PR y ahora con la nueva
tecnologia puedo ver fotos y anorar mi bella isla.
Gracias son Preciosas.

Subject: GREAT pictures!
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 14:02:50 -0400

Your pictures are wonderful and more!  I loved the show of El Yunque.  We have lived on the other side of the island (San German) forever, been to El Yunque too few times.  This really inspires me to get up and go.  Thanks for bringing all the beauty to your website--really nice.  Incidentally, my husband's daughter was married on the bluff where the Cabo Rojo lighthouse is located--isn't that a great location!
Thanks again,
Sylvia Potter

Subject: coqui pics compliment
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 01:33:52 -0400

Great coqui pics!!! I wanted to compliment you just in case people are so rude and don't. I know you worked hard to get it.

Subject: coqui

Hola,  I'm a Spanish teacher on Long Island, New york and I just loved your
photos of the coqui.  Thank you for posting them!  I am from Puerto Rico and
I would love to have a few of your photos to show to my students.  They are
learning to love the coqui as much as I do, and it has always been difficult
to get them to SEE what one actually looks like.   Thank you so much!        Liz Flores