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Welcome to my El Yunque photo exhibit.


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All photos shot by and copyrighted by me, Rex Cauldwell. Enjoy but do not copy without permission. Please read the text below since a couple minutes are needed for the photos to download.

My photography is not for everyone because I mostly show large photos. If you have a slow computer and/or a slow internet connection, you may want to skip this page. The pictures are quite large and there are several on the page. This translates out to be very slow downloading--normally 90 seconds. I leave the photos large because they should be seen that way--not as tiny thumbnails. The whole purpose of having the photos is to enjoy them and you cannot do that unless they are large enough for you to see the happiness on the people's faces.

Thus if you want to enjoy the page then prop up your feet and relax for a bit with a book or do something else for a couple minutes.

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I love the Puerto Rican people. On the whole, they are much more friendlier and helpful as compared to many of us on the mainland. Even those who vacation there seem to catch the happiness bug.



I have no idea who these beautiful girls are. They were just sitting on the rocks to the right of me and I asked if I could snap their picture. Their smile said yes.


This happy couple was from the great state of Maine. I took their address down and sent the couple several photos of them having fun in the water. That's the fun part of photography: creating great memories.




This poor girl was being teased by her younger sister to get wet and jump in the pool. Obviously, the older sister thought the water a tad bit cold and wouldn't come in. Younger sis then splashed water on her.


Who could resist taking pictures of this beautiful lady? I shot this on a catamaran trip out of the Fajardo yacht club. All young ladies should have pictures such as this taken of them as to remind themselves, their children, and their grandchildren that, they too, were once beautiful. If I ever find out who she is I'll give her a copy.


This beautiful couple was shot at the lighthouse on the southwest corner of PR. I believe he said he was in the Navy but I'm not sure. If either of these beautiful people want a copy of this for their family album feel free to copy.


Though not taken in El Yunque, I still wanted this beautiful young lady to get her picture in. She was my diving partner. A guy named Abby had a crush on her during the dive. The last guy up who made his air last the longest could give her a kiss on her cheek and he always made sure he was the last one up. Hey, Martha! Que Pasa!!

In the background is Desecheo island--off the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. To get there contact Taino Divers--787-823-7243. Allegedly the best diving in Puerto Rico. You can see bottom at 130 feet from the boat. Tell 'em you want to dive Candyland, and be sure to bring your camera.