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Welcome to my El Yunque photo exhibit.


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Must see stuff

must see or do

Photo the Fajardo dinosaurs
Photo the petroglyphs and swim in the pools around them (see Robin Phillips)
Hire Robin as a guide and have him take you into one of the falls deep in the jungle.
Photograph and swim at La Mina Fall (north side of El Yunque)
Hike Big Tree trail (north side of El Yunque)
Photo La Coca Fall (north side of El Yunque)
Eat and e mail home at Rickys next to the yacht club
Eat some local Flan (local egg custard) at the "quickie" store to the right of Rickys.
Take a catamaran trip out of Fajardo. Leaves early in the mornings. Bring along seasickness pills [if you get seasick], camera, bag for shells, sunscreen, and your snorkeling gear.
Traveler: 787-863-2821 or 863-1646
Fun Cat: 728-6606 or 383-5700
Spread eagle II: 787-887-8821

See the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve (open Wed. thru Sunday) 787-722-5882 or 787-860-2560 (weekends).
Go play, swim, and collect shells on the public beach just down from the nature reserve.
Go dive and/or snorkel via the dive shop across the street from Rickys

All the above is in Fajardo (northeast corner of PR) and in within a few minutes of each other. If you need anything--Wal Mart, Walgreens (one hour photo is open after 9 AM), and tourist shopping is available at the outdoor mall area on the interstate (Rt #3) that goes through Fajardo. There is also a movie theater across the highway from the mall and several movie rental places.

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