Welcome to my Puerto Rico and El Yunque photo exhibit. Where everyday is an adventure.

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All photos shot by and copyrighted by me, Rex Cauldwell. Enjoy but do not copy without permission. If you see these photos on any other site and credit has not been given to me, the photos have been stolen from this site. Please do not frequent that site and notify that site that they are using stolen photos. Currently, only Elena Harley (we are interlinked) and Joyce of Buzz studio are allowed to use my photos on the net.

For those who wish to use my photos, simply e mail me to ask permission. School and college projects can use my photos for free -- but e mail me for permission. For a business, simply send me a standard contract form so we can agree on a price. I have many more coqui photos on my data base.
For those of you who wish to steal the photos be aware that some companies such as KLM airlines, Science news, and Thirstystone have the rights to certain photos--you steal these and you may be sued by them. In addition, my photos are digimarked. This is an electronic signiature imbedded in the photo.