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HughesNet customers beware

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This is an anti-HughesNet letter to "whom it may concern."  I would advise anyone to take the following into account before they subscribe to HughesNet. 


As of Aug. of 2011 a hurricane took out my HughesNet satellite system. Service calls are forwarded to India. They had no authority to do anything except talk. I kept getting told that they couldn't get into my account thus they couldn't arrange to send anyone out. This went on month after month.  They kept saying they would forward to problem to corporate. Corporate never called. After many months of paying for service I wasn't getting, I finally called to cancel the service. They said they would send someone out so I gave them one last chance. No one came.  I called again to cancel.  It was not easy to cancel as they kept refusing to do so. Doing so costs you several hundred dollars in cancellation fees. And I still get letters from them that if I don't pay they are going to cancel my service--and I haven't had service from them since Aug. of 2011. Read and heed.

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