Welcome to my Puerto Rico and El Yunque photo exhibit. Where everyday is an adventure.

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petroglyphs inland

HOLA!  I AM CREATING A DIGITAL PHOTO DATABASE OF PUERTO RICO PETROGLYPHS BEFORE THE DISSAPPAR FOREVER. I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF THOSE WHO KNOW WHERE THERE ARE PETROGLYPHS IN PUERTO RICO TO E MAIL ME THEIR LOCATION AND I WILL PHOTO GRAPH THEM (and put them on this website) BEFORE THEY DISSAPPEAR OR GET DEFACED. PETROGLYPHS SUCH AS ONES YOU PLAYED ON OR AROUND AS A CHILD. Their location will be kept secret but I would like to put them in my book on petroglyphs. You will be given credit for their location if not already found and photographed. ltmtnele@yahoo.com


Please help. Does anyone know any who this is standing next to the glyph? Where was it taken? What happened to the glyph?


A giant boulder standing in the middle of the jungle--looking like nothing special. Even when you look close at it you don't note anything of significance. But if you know how to look--an experienced eye--there are petroglyphs here. Mostly of a chief's head. Is he buried somewhere nearby? Is this rock his/her tombstone?





This is typical of many of the carvings. Circles with a hole above to feed in the water (I assume) and then the water flows into the circles. Many times they seem to make use of natural depressions to minimize the labor of carving.