Welcome to my Puerto Rico and El Yunque photo exhibit. Where everyday is an adventure.

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Streams and Waterfalls

Puerto Rico's streams and waterfalls are home to freshwater crabs, freshwater shrimp, and giant crayfish. I've personally seen giant crayfish that exceed 12 in. in length. I call the shrimp, golden eye shrimp, because if you shine a light into the stream after dark, you can see millions of golden eyes shining back at you.

This particular fall is in the center of the island.


All photos shot by and copyrighted by me, Rex Cauldwell. Enjoy but do not copy without permission. Please read the text below since a couple minutes are needed for the photos to download.


I dearly love waterfalls. I try to take a good enough photo as to have them look good when enlarged--as here. I have taken many hundreds of waterfall photos and as I have time to sort through I will add them here.

If you want to do what I do, wear shoes that can get wet and yet give you traction on the rocks. I always carry a 50-foot climbing rope to lower myself into areas that are too dangerous too walk or climb on without some kind of backup. Remember, you are back in the boonies--if you get hurt or lost there is no one to come to your rescue. You will need a good machete and soft leather gloves. Beware of the stinging plants--they are akin to the stinging nettles we have on the mainland. There are little barbs on the front of the leaves.


I've always had a passion of getting a fantastic shot of a rainbow coming out of a waterfall. This, of course, isn't it--this one is OK but is not as good as I want. But in rainbows, what you see is what you get (if you're lucky).

Many areas where they are--are hard to find and harder to get to. It took a lot of work and climbing to get this one. I had to climb a tall vertical rock wall with a waterfall flowing over it to get to the pool. I had to throw the tripod up and into the pool at the fall's base since I needed both hands for the slippery climb.

I did have a great rainbow shot once--the rainbow was so bright coming out of the fall that it looked painted on. I took the shot but later fell over a waterfall and into the pool below with the flim in my pocket. I survived by the film was ruined. Sigh.



If you ae lucky enough to find this waterfall, there are all kinds of places to take good pictures. Almost every angle is a good shot. Hopefully, you have brought some lunch because it is a good place to picnic. You will note a very dark-colored area on the rock as you slide down into the stream--this is as slick as ice, so be careful.



This one's deep in the jungle. I'm not telling where it is. You need to go explore and find a few on your own anyway.